vSOS Emergency Response

vSOS is available as a free download where the user can send SMS or email up to 5 contacts you’ve identified in your profile. Upgrade to the GEOS International Emergency Response Service is available for $12.99/mo. The GEOS Emergency response is available 24 hours 7 days a week in North America, South America, and Europe, through a dedicated International Emergency Response Coordination Center whenever and wherever you need it. vSOS is your personal mobile emergency system.
Simply hold the vSOS button for 3 seconds and it automatically contacts the Emergency Response Center with your current location and they take over coordinating the appropriate response to your emergency.

• Mobile service – it travels with you (as opposed to a fixed base station)
• GPS-GeoTracking based service ensuring the most timely response possible
• No additional hardware required – leverages your existing mobile phone
• Simple and easy to use – if you can push a button the service will work for you
• Extremely cost effective
• Supports a full range of emergencies – not limited to medical
• Search and Rescue service included at no additional charge