First Grade Flash Cards: Dolch Sight Words

iMotherGoose is proud to present the third in a series of flash cards designed to help your children begin to read. The words have been compiled by Dr. Edward William Dolch in his book “Problems in Reading.” Dr. Dolch compiled this list based on children's books and selected 220 service words which children need to recognize in order to achieve reading fluency. He excluded nouns from his main list, but did compile a separate 95 word list of nouns.

Many of the 220 words in the Dolch list, cannot be sounded out, and must be learned by sight. This list is often referred to as "Dolch Sight Word List", and the words on it, as "Dolch Sight Words". He also arranged them according to grade level from preschool to third grade when he suggests that a child should have mastered the entire list. However, many educators today feel that students should master all 220 service words by the end of first grade.

This app contains all 40 words from Dr. Dolch’s first grade list. Each word is spelled out and as your child taps the screen, he or she will hear it read to them. In addition to being easy to navigate, it has an audio component unlike physical flash cards. Unlike physical flash cards, this set is compact and will not lend itself to a game of 40 card pick-up.

If you find this app useful for your child, please search our other Dolch Sight Word apps for Nouns, Preschool, Kindergarten, Second Grade, and Third Grade.