Wake Up Or Pay

Waking Up from Sleep is not an Event, its a Process.

Alarm Clocks are obsolete. With Alarm Clocks its just too easy to press the Snooze button and go right back to Sleep. Alarm Clocks are not designed to help You repel the very powerful and overwhelming desire to stay in bed. You need an App that will “Actually” enable You to Wake Up on Time.

The Wake Up Or Pay App enables You to combat the desire to go back to Sleep in multiple ways.

  1. The App wakes You from Sleep via an Alarm.

  2. The App keeps You Awake for a longer period of time by making You answer 15 General Knowledge Questions, greatly increasing Your ability to Wake Up.

  3. The App further brings Your Brain out of Sleep by making You think about the answers to 15 General Knowledge Questions.

  4. Finally, it holds You accountable to Yourself by reminding You of the immensely detrimental cost one Pays in Life for Not Waking Up on Time.

How much is it worth to be on Time? The answer is that it is Priceless. Being on Time is not only a requirement but a competitive advantage. This App gives You this ability more than any Alarm Clock can. This is the value the App provides.