Tiggers Makes Breakfast

iMotherGoose is proud to present our second original story, Tiggers Makes Breakfast. Written in tribute to Julia Child, this adorable children's book is perfect for any child who loves cooking or cats. Tiggers, a chubby house cat, dreams of being able to cook food for her friends. Doubted by a mouse who insists cats can't cook, Tiggers takes to the kitchen to prove him wrong... but will our chubby calico rise to the occasion? Features easy-to-read, large format text and full color illustrations. Recommended for children ages 0-7. Written and illustrated by Rhiannon Aarons and lovingly narrated by Robin Foreman, this app is a must for your kids.

If you are traveling with your children, you don't have to bring your library of children’s books, you can read them this app at bedtime by turning off the audio. If you're busy and need to entertain your child, you can keep them away from mindless video games, and hand them your iPhone with this fun and educational app.