Developers on Patents: An Investor's Perspective

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April 15, 2013 at 9:22PM

In this Application Developers Alliance video, Ron Garret, Chairman and CEO of AWUn, L.L.C., talks about his experience as a patent holder and the current problems with the patent system. He explains why the patent system is broken, what patent trolls are doing, and how the current system can be fixed.

"I'm an inventor or co-inventor on five patents. I would call three of them legitimate inventions. One is a software patent that I consider mostly bogus. One patent is a gadget that defies the laws of physics that I filed just to see if I could get it through the patent process."

"I would not even consider getting into a business where I was selling software because of the danger - almost inevitability - of getting hit with a patent lawsuit if I'm successful."