Top 50 Mobile Advertising Platforms in 2013

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February 26, 2013 at 7:20PM

As a follow up to Justin’s recent post on ad network bullshitting, we thought we’d share with you a more comprehensive list of mobile advertising networks that facilitate buying, selling or exchanging mobile traffic in some form.

For our own internal competitive analysis, we track over 100 various mobile app and web ad companies. When we started out there were two things that really struck us. Firstly, just how many mobile advertising networks there are out there - ad networks specializing in app advertising, android advertising, iOS advertising, tablet only advertising, mobile video advertising and so on. Secondly we realized quickly there were no definitive lists of all the mobile advertising channels- often they'd be incomplete or out of date, so we hope this list will give you a great starting point if you want a good overview of who’s out there right now.

Whereas Justin’s list was focused on those few networks we think are really awesome (including our ownapp promotion and monetization network – AppFlood), the following list of ad platforms is what we consider to be the top 50 most popular.

If you find this resource useful, let us know and we may come back and update this list with a full 100 networks plus additional details and features on each of the ad platforms.

Please click on the original link to see the full list.