Developers on Patents

Developers on Patents: Five Employees, Six Lawyers

A startup founder discusses how patent litigation is disrupting his business, forcing him to hire more lawyers than employees. "Frankly it seems these days that it's more about having enough money to defend yourself than having defensible patent claims." *Many app developers and startups fear that speaking publicly about software patents will open them up to litigation. Accordingly, the identity of the subject is protected.*

Developers on Patents: We Decided To Fight

Kate Doerksen, Cofounder and CEO of Ditto, talks about the patent complaints her company received, their decision to fight in court, and suggestions for improving the current patent system. "Once we came to the conclusion that we did not infringe, we had to come up with a game plan. Were we gonna settle? Were we gonna actually fight it? Because of the small nature of the company, we have 13 employees [and] limited funds, we decided that we really couldn't afford to settle these cases, and we decided to fight."

Developers on Patents: Suing People Who Do Cool Things

Austin Meyer, software developer and Owner of X-Plane, discusses his experience with the patent system and the problems he sees in it. "A software developer comes up with ideas and implements them to work--creativity, testing, and ultimately delivery to the public. A patent is nothing but an excuse for someone to sue you for doing your job." "Patents are used to sue people who do cool things instead of enable you to do cool things."

Developers on Patents: Completely Useless Software Patents

Thomas Sanchez, Founder and CEO of Social Driver, talks about how patent litigation has been affecting his company's clients and gives some ideas about how patent laws could be adjusted. "The patent system adds a lot of cost. It's supposed to increase invention and people being creative, but it actually really hurts it. The people that actually have the ideas and know how to implement the technology to solve people's problems are actually the people who are punished."

Developers on Patents: We Said "Screw That"

Kevin O'Connor, CEO of FindTheBest, talks about the patent infringement claims his company received, how they reacted, and their decision to counter with a RICO lawsuit. "When you settle, you're an easy mark, and other patent trolls are going to come. So, in the short term it's cheapest to settle with a patent troll, but we wanted to send a very clear message that you don't mess with us. Patent trolls are not welcome here - we will fight them."

Developers on Patents: Problems Within The System

Perry Robinson, VP & Associate General Counsel at Rackspace Hosting, talks about his company's experience, and problems, with the current patent system. "Today we're at a point where we've gotten sick and tired of paying people money we've earned that really should belong to our shareholders, and so we've moved into an era where we are on the offense, and we are, wherever appropriate, trying to fight those types of claims that are unjustified."

Developers on Patents: "If They Get Served A Letter, They're Done"

Ross Buhrdorf, CTO at HomeAway, talks about the challenges that startups and small companies face when it comes to patents, as well as some ideas regarding patent system reform. "We certainly want to protect software patents too. It's just that if they are so broad (...) they can be problematic, especially for small startups in particular.

Developers On Patents: We Were Forced To Defend Ourselves

Steve Vicinanza, CEO of BlueWave Computing, discusses the patent infringement letter his company received and how they dealt with it in court. "We were forced to defend ourselves and spend quite a bit of money on legal fees, and a lot of time and effort on our part to fight these guys in court for something that is, basically, what every business that is in this country is using, a scanner on a network."

Developers on Patents: An Investor's Perspective

In this Application Developers Alliance video, Ron Garret, Chairman and CEO of AWUn, L.L.C., talks about his experience as a patent holder and the current problems with the patent system. He explains why the patent system is broken, what patent trolls are doing, and how the current system can be fixed. "I'm an inventor or co-inventor on five patents. I would call three of them legitimate inventions. One is a software patent that I consider mostly bogus.

Attorneys on Patents: Reform Needs To Happen

Jonathan Pasky, CEO and Registered Patent Attorney at Pasky IP, talks about the state of the current software patent system and how it has been affecting his clients. "What we're finding is that more and more companies, whether they're practicing the patents or whether they're not, are getting into this game. As more and more companies get into this game because they see it as a potential vehicle for profits, the patent system becomes even more broken on the software side. So, some sort of reform needs to happen."

Attorneys On Patents: The Dysfunctional Software Patent System

Gary Rinkerman, Partner at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, talks about the state of the current software patent system, how entrepreneurs are affected, why patent trolls are part of the problem, and more. "[The software patent system] is dysfunctional in a sense that the patent office is overwhelmed with applications. If the patent office were to close today there would still be a two year backlog...In the court system itself there's a certain lack of appreciation for the effect that a bad patent can have on the economy.