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Picking the Path to App Profitability Workshop Videos - San Francisco, CA

Picking the Path to App Profitability

The Application Developers Alliance, in partnership with the Business and Revenue Working Group, hosted a series of Monetization Workshops to help developers, startups and app publishers find the path to mobile app profitability. Industry leaders discussed the pros and cons of monetization strategies and tools, the value of new products, and the information every publisher should have when considering a revenue platform and partner.


Publishers Panel - Monetization Strategies

Leading publishers share their experience and expertise developing monetization strategies for their apps, the importance of early adoption and the pros and cons of options like in-app purchases, freemium models, referral marketing, and virtual currency. 

Gautham Chundi - Dolby; Deepika Bajaj - Capcom; Scott Prather - PlayPhone;  Malene Sam - CBS Interactive


Platform Panel - Monetizing with Tools

Publishers of every size can build a successful business with the right approach. These monetization platforms and tools discuss what developers need to know when adopting a monetization strategy and - more importantly - choosing a partner.

Bobby Napiltonia - Twilio; Maxine Manafy - Bunndle; Laura Buchman - OpenX; Christian Galvin - Fiksu; Remco van den Elzen - Distimo

Keynote Discussion

Smart app development begins with analytics and ends with monetization. Understanding your users is the foundation of effective monetization and building a sustainable business. Our keynote presenters, representing two of the most innovative and trusted analytics companies, will help us understand how analytics and monetization go hand in hand.

Yannis DosiosFlurry; Jake Ward - Apps Alliance;  Geoff Hollingworth - Ericsson

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